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Your 31 Month Old
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TOPIC: Your 31 Month Old

Your 31 Month Old 4 years, 9 months ago #350

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Now your toddler has gotten to a point that you can have a conversation that goes both ways instead of a constant 'you tell & they listen' format. To increase your child’s vocabulary you can read books to your child and talk to your child more frequently. Asking your toddler questions about the world around her can trigger some interesting stories.
You will find that she can run smoothly, she can climb on and off play equipment, she can self-feed using a spoon and drink from a cup, she can softly kick a large ball-though often not in the intended direction, she can walk up stairs, she can throw a large ball in the intended direction, she can undress herself and is beginning to learn how to dress herself and saying her own name frequently.
She will start to recite the alphabet if she is encouraged. Counting to 3 should be fairly common in a toddler of this age and she will also establish what her sex if she is asked. Crying will lessen as vocabulary increases, although many toddlers start showing a fear of things or places. A fear of the dark may start as her imagination becomes more sophisticated and this may lead to some toddlers having nightmares. She will also understand simple stories and listen without being too distracted, but does interject with relevant comments, especially those that relate to home and family events.