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AchhaBachha.com Community Usage Rules

Welcome to AchhaBachha.com. We request that you observe a few rules and guidelines before posting and during your use of the community. These have been compiled in order to make the community experience an enjoyable place to post in and browse for everyone. Although the site administrators will attempt to keep all objectionable material off the community, it is not possible for us to review every message. All the messages are the views of the author unless they have been posted by one of our experts. AchhaBachha.com and it’s administrators will not be held responsible for the content of any message not posted by AchhaBachha.com. AchhaBachha.com reserves the right to remove any post, topic and members from the community, or issue restrictions on members where required. Any member who breaches a guideline will be advised and asked not to do it again. Any member who is in constant breach of the rules will be removed permanently.

Respect for the AchhaBachha.com Administrators

At all times the administrators have only one aim. The aim is to develop and encourage a friendly and helpful community. The community administrator’s decisions are final, and no correspondence about moderation decisions will be entered into. Contrary to popular belief, we are human and do have a sense of humour. Remember - we are doing it for your own good.


We are not here as a platform for advertising your store, product or commercial website. We ask that you do not advertise in posts/threads, signatures or avatars and profile pictures. Anyone found to be doing so will have the advertising removed without warning. If you wish to talk about advertising on the community please contact us via personal message.

Abusive Behaviour

There's no need to be abusive towards other members on the community. If you have a problem with a post please reach out to us, and do not respond to the post. This includes swearing at other members as, no matter what the intention of the post, it may upset them. Also, racism, sexism and unnecessary prejudice is uncalled for - it will be dealt with very harshly, so be warned.

Offensive Content

AchhaBachha.com has a varied user base. Bearing this in mind, you agree that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violates any laws. By all means contact us to vet content before posting if you are unsure whether it falls under these rules or not. We do not tolerate offensive language. Offensive language includes, but not limited to, profanity, threat and remarks demeaning to someone’s race, region, religion, nationality, social background, economic background, sex and sexual preferences. Any posts found to be using offensive language will be removed immediately and the member will be removed and banned for life.


As much as we'd love to see more of our solicitors, we don't want to be sued. Please ensure you have permission before posting copyrighted material. If you cannot obtain permission, it's best just to link to it. Copyright laws can be very strict nowadays, and websites can and have been closed for breaching such laws.

Keeping threads as they should be

Please remember to keep threads on-topic as much as possible. If every thread went off-topic, we'd be here 24 hours a day telling people off and banning them, which isn't much fun. Persistent 'thread ruiners' may have their posts removed and be subject to bans in the worst cases. Take part in discussions by all means, but if whatever you're saying you deem to be A) unrelated to the topic or B) not needing to be said then it's best not to say it.


Rather than a long strict set of rules we thought it'd be good to have some guidelines - things that should be observed where possible, but maybe aren't as serious compared to some of the rules. Posts may be edited and/or warned about to the administrator’s discretion. However, except in extreme cases, action to ban will most likely not be taken.

Grammar & Spelling

Please try and ensure that grammar and spelling is correct at all times. Checking your post doesn't take a minute, and ensures a more enjoyable atmosphere. Posts with unnecessarily poor grammar, spelling or any text language will face removal. We want to keep the community tidy, and attract interesting members with equally interesting topics. Often, due to the nature of the communities, English may not be the first language for all members - so poor, non-standard English will confuse things. This is in the interest of all members.

Be polite!

Being polite ensures a more enjoyable experience. Treat others as you'd wish to be treated yourself.

Explain yourself and make the post easy to understand

We all want to help each other out here and have great discussions, and this can only be done if your post is easy to read, and includes a lot of information. If you need to change your post to make it clearer use the edit button.