Indian Traditions

In many parts of the world and especially in India, the mother and child are confined in their home following the birth of the child. The confinement period is generally 30-40 days.

This period serves as a time where the mother can recover from the stress and pain that her body has undergone during childbirth. The mother and child get to bond as the child grows. Mothers must stay indoors for the entire period, to avoid becoming cool.

Many a times during this period the woman's mother or mother-in-law takes care of the mother and child. But in situations where this is not possible, the mother should hire a lady who is experienced in postnatal care.

(Week 1)

(Week 6 – Week 7)

(Week 25 – Week 28)

(Week 1 – Week 2)

(Week 12 – Week 24)

Chudakarma (Mundan)
(Week 52)